The plantation

Soil quality
The quality of the bottom of rented land in Saruhanlı is ideal and offers excellent conditions for the cultivation of Kiri trees. The responsible provincial directorate for agriculture and forestry in Manisa has drawn up a land valuation report for the leased land.

Only minor cultivation and fertilization measures are necessary to further optimize the soil quality.


An independent geological institute based in the western Turkish provincial capital Izmir has carried out detailed water measurements in the immediate vicinity of our cultivation areas on behalf of the Saruhanli municipality. The measurements showed that wells with a drilling depth of 180 metres allow water deliveries of 30 - 38 tonnes per hour.

Two wells are currently planned within easy reach of all plantations. The approval for the construction of the two fountains has been legally reliably issued by both the competent authorities and the lessor. The fountains provide sufficient amounts of water by means of a state-of-the-art droplet irrigation system to meet the high "drink" requires the Kiri trees (about 40 liters per tree daily).

Each Kiri tree plantation is completely fenced in to protect it from being eaten by wild animals, theft or vandalism.

GPS monitoring
Wonder Kiri plantations are divided into plots; each tree is numbered beyond and monitored by a satellite-assisted global positioning system (GPS) seamlessly with video technology.