From the seedling ...
... to the harvest
EGEKIRI FİDANCILIK stands for the sustainable cultivation
and management of Kiri trees

KIRI precious wood plantation

EGEKIRI FIDANCILIK A.Ş. (AG) stands for the sustainable cultivation and management of Kiri trees (also known as Paulownia) on plantations for the production of KIRI precious wood.

Today, EGEKIRI FIDANCILIK A.Ş. is already cooperating with numerous companies to implement the development and marketing of innovative Kiribaum products.

The cultivation of EGEKIRI trees in Europe combines ecological and economic factors due to climate change and the scarcity of precious wood:

On the one hand, high-quality precious wood is harvested in EU countries and processed into products; on the other hand, species-protected precious woods are preserved over the long term.

The EGEKIRI plantation is created as a living ecosystem with a positive influence on the flora and fauna. As no specific pests are known in the native flora and fauna, prophylactic, special treatments are not used. Due to the environmentally friendly and sensitive reforestation, fallow areas are gently recultivated. One hectare of EGE KIRI plantation is 800 trees / HA and these bind approx. 48 tons of CO2 per year.

EGEKIRI FIDANCILIK A.Ş is responsible for selecting and checking the suitability of the areas. It takes care of planting, monitoring and looking after the trees and is responsible for all eco-economic and operational processes in connection with the kiri plantations. New plantation sites are continuously being sought in Europe that fulfil the optimal basic conditions for the growth of these trees.